if anyone ever asks me what orange is the new black is about i will send them these pictures without any context or explanation 

"I hope you made a wish."

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Isn’t it so great to be the most beautiful person in the world? not that you would know cause it’s me but can you imagine?

Mumford and Sons
I Gave You All


Hold on to your hats, people. If you don’t have a hat, go buy one then hold the fuck on to it, because this is going to be a huge outpouring of brotherly love appreciation. It can’t be helped.

Yum. Anyway…

When Dean goes to that hotel to find Sam, there is a moment that I will never get…


People magazine interviewed Jared about his family this week and immediately the crazy J2-tinhats swarmed in and have been talking shit about Jared and his lovely wife, Gen, and their two kids on twitter and livejournal. They are starting to spread rumors that Jensen and Daneel are getting a divorce too. They are insane.

Pepole removed creepy comments yesterday and today more tinhats are back leaving deluded messages like the one you’re reading above.

Could you please leave a positive, pro-Jared and Gen comment? Remember that Jared and Jensen read their online articles and interviews. Let’s not allow these idiots to harass the Js because they can’t keep their fantasies to RPF!

Drown them out with love!